Info for visitors

Before getting at IFIN-HH

Access forms are required for all the visitors and collaborators that are attending experiments in IFIN-HH. Therefore, please send an email to the liaison officer or to your local spokeperson with information about the period of your stay and your passport number. This information should be transmitted at least 3 working days before your arrival.

  • If you plan to bring a laptop: for any notebook/PC that will be used inside IFIN-HH one must send in the same email with the access papers some information about the notebook (type, model, serial number, etc.).
  • Visas: For EU citizen and citizens of some countries that have such bilateral agreement with Romania, no visa is needed. If you need a visa, most probably an official request should be sent directly to the Romanian Embassy in your country. In this case, please ask your liaison officer and/or to our secretary (DFNA Secretary) to prepare and send such a letter or any other document the embassy officials will require. From our experience the Embassy will issue a visa in less than a week but it is in your best interest to inform us about the needed documents at least one month before your arrival, in order to avoid possible delays in the administrative chain.
  • Invitation letter: please send an email to your liaison officer and/or to our secretary (DFNA Secretary) to prepare and provide you the letter.

  • How to get to IFIN-HH?

    Taxi: On-demand taxi services are available at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport. You may order a taxi by using the touch screen devices in the public area of the Arrivals Terminal. The passengers get on the taxi right outside the terminal, on the first floor, by showing the ticket issued by the automatic yellow machine. The charges vary between 1.79 lei/km – 3.50 lei/km (approx. 0.34EURO/km - 0.8 EURO/km)
    The distance Otopeni Airport – Magurele is around 30 km (depending on the route taken). If you come directly to the Institute, ask the taxi driver to take you to Magurele.

    IFIN-HH Map

    As Magurele town hosts 8 physics institutes, you may give the driver as a hint for the final destination: ”la Reactor (IFIN-HH)”. When entering in Magurele you will pass a bridge (bullet 4 on the map) over the Bucharest's Ring Road. After this bridge, the driver should enter a roundabout (bullet 3) and take the third exit, a road (Reactorului St.) that will take you towards the destination (bullet 1), just after passing through a forest.

    Public transportation: Express Buses 780 and 781 offer daily service to from Otopeni Airport to IFIN-HH/ELI-NP with one connection at Basarab trainstation. 780 Express bus (Otopeni Airport - Basarab Trainstation) is active between 5:35 and 23:10 (780 Timetable), while 781 Express bus (Basarab Trainstation - IFIN-HH/ELI-NP) is active between 4:40 and 22:30 (781 Timetable).
    The journey to IFIN-HH takes approximately 90 minutes for normal traffic. The fare for a round-trip ticket is 7 Lei (about $1.75 or 1.6 EURO). Ticket can be purchased from the kiosk located at the ground level of the Arrival Terminal or it may by payed by sending an SMS to 7458 with text E780, respectively E781 (details).

    Another transport option that connects Otopeni Airport to Bucharest City Centre is 783 Express Bus ((783 - Timetable). 783 will take you to Piața Unirii (Union Square), where you can take tram #32 up to Antiaeriană station, after which a regional bus will bring you to Măgurele (R426, R428, R464 sau E781).

    In the institute

  • Access to IFIN-HH can only be done based on the identity card or passport, which you will have to present at the gate, and in return you will receive a visitor's card that you will have with you throughout the visit. At the end of the visit, the reverse will take place.
  • Inside the institute you can only travel accompanied by one of the IFIN-HH employees. To contact the collaborator within IFIN-HH you can use the phone at the gate of the institute.
  • If you are participating in an experiment with one of the tandem accelerators, please ask your contact person to provide you with a personal dosimeter, even if you already have one from the institution you are affiliated with. It is also mandatory to wear the dosimeter throughout the experiment and to undergo training in occupational safety and radiation protection.

  • Accommodation
    Guest house:

    Guest house: IFIN-HH has two guest houses in Magurele, with single or double rooms. One of the guest houses has a fully equipped kitchen on each floor. Prices vary between EUR 20 / person / day and EUR 40 / person / day, depending on room type, occupancy rate and total number of days booked. The costs will be paid in lei according to the current exchange rate of the NBR (BNR exchange rate). For more details, please send an email to the DFNA secretariat at least two weeks before the visit.

    Hotel in Măgurele:

    In Magurele there is only one 2-star hotel, which has prices starting from 150 lei / person / day. For more details or to book, please send an email to the DFNA secretariat at least two weeks before the visit.

    Hotels in Bucharest:

    There are many options that can be accessed through booking sites. Below you will find some hotel recommendations that are positioned relatively close to the historic center of Bucharest and also not far from Magurele:

  • Ibis Bucuresti Palatul Parlamentului City Centre
    Address: 82-84 str. Izvor,
    Reservations: +40 21 401 1011

  • Parliament Hotel
    Address: 106 str. Izvor,
    Reservations: +40 21 411 9990

  • JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel
    Address: 90 Calea 13 Septembrie,
    Reservations: +40 21 403 0000