Advanced system for detection and acquisition

Detector circular din scintilatori plastici utilizat la NICA (Dubna)
Diagram of the scintillation detector of small dimensions for luminosity measurements. Each detector has three planes of four rings centered at the collision axis.

Detector performance from plastic scintillators dedicated for absolute luminosity measurement at NICA(JINR-Dubna)
Responsible: Mădălina Cruceru

Taking into account the expertise in the performance of detector ensembles with scintillators and semiconductors, one of the research directions of DFNA is represented by the development of specialized detectors of small dimensions dedicated to be used in experiments conducted in the frame of the international collaborations.


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Masurarea raspunsului fotodiodei subtiri de 20m de la CiS-Germania cu o  sursa radioactiva de Sr-90.

Measurement of the response for a photodiode with 20 μm thickness, from CiS Germany, with a radioactive source of Sr-90.

Rspunsul fotodiodei sub?iri (CiS-Germania) de 10 m la o sursa radioactiv de 252Cf

10 μm thin photodiode response (CiS-Germany) to a 252Cf radioactive source 252Cf.

Detector  realizat in DFNA cu fotodiode PIN din siliciu, de arie mare si cristal scintillator din CsI(Tl) cu 1500ppm concentratie de activator de taliu. Semnalul de la detector este preluat de un preamplificator sensibil la sarcina.

Detector performed in DFNA with PIN photodiode of big area and scintillator crystal of CsI(Tl) with thallium concentration of 1500ppm. The signal from detector is send to a charge sensitive preamplifier. .

Trei dimensiuni de cristale de CsI(Tl), toate avand activator de taliu cu concentratia de 1500ppm.

Three dimensions of CsI(Tl) crystals, all with 1500 ppm concentration of thallium.


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