TR-19 Cyclotron

Ciclotronul TR-19
TR-19 Cyclotron and Port on the Right (Side 1)

Extensie ținte solide TR19
Solid target irradiation room (ALCEO, Comecer)

The TR-19 Cyclotron, built by Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc., Vancouver, Canada, is a versatile, fully automated device that vertically accelerates negative ions (H-) from an external source to an energy of 14-19 MeV. (variable). TR-19 is equipped with two proton extraction ports by stripping hydrogen ions using pyrolytic carbon sheets, which can operate simultaneously, providing the proton beam with a total current up to 300 μA. With a double irradiation capacity TR-19 can provide the necessary medical radioisotopes for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) at national level, while maintaining the potential for further development. With the help of this accelerator 15 Ci of 18F / hour of irradiation can be obtained; simultaneous dual irradiation and a wide range of radioisotopes for PET imaging (18F, 11C, 15O, 13N, 124I, 64Cu, etc.). The adjacent image shows the TR-19 cyclotron and shows the extraction of the proton beam on the right side (Side 1), which bifurcates into a horizontal line carrying the proton beam into the experiment hall and a short inclined line on which is mounted a solid target irradiation station. On the opposite side is the local screen that closes the proton beam extraction system for liquid target irradiation (Side 2). The following image shows the solid irradiation station that is part of the ALCEO series (manufacturer Comecer, Italy). This is an integrated system designed for the production of radioisotopes such as: 64Cu, 89Zr or 124I. The complete ALCEO configurations use a unique pneumatic transfer system (PTS) and the cooling unit. To reduce the possible activations outside the station, it is closed in a local mobile radiation screen with multilayer walls (lead and borate polyethylene).

Radiobiologie TR19
Experimental line dedicated to radiobiology for the TR19 cyclotron


Equipment dedicated to biological cell irradiation was installed in the experiment hall. The biological material is mounted in standard boxes that can be positioned precisely automatically in the direction of the proton beam. The proton beam is previously spread on metal foils and a small number of protons are selected to obtain dose rates of the order of 1Gy / min. Sketch of the underground hall in which TR-19 Cyclotron is located Building sketch TR-19 with cyclotron bunker representation.

Schița buncărului în care este amplasat TR19
Sketch of the underground hall in which TR19 Cyclotron is located Building sketch TR19 with cyclotron bunker representation